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Learn a new way of mindful movements

Movement is the Key to positive brain change

Meet Katerina

Certified Neuromovement® practitioner

Hello, I am Katerina Boldyreva. I trained in California and qualified as a Neuromovement® (ABM method) practitioner in 2017 and have been treating children and adults with a variety of neurological conditions, acute and chronic pain syndromes. I live and work now in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc where I  moved with my family in 2019. The first time I discovered and experienced the benefits of Neuromovement® I thought it was a miracle.  I discovered the ABM method in 2014 thanks to my child with special needs. Positive changes in my child’s condition when he was already 13 years old inspired me to become a participant in Professional Training, which began in early 2016. After finishing my training, I realized how much it changed my life, not only physically, but also emotionally. My son told me that I have become a different mom, one that he likes much better. Having received such valuable knowledge, as well as having had a long experience of living with a child with cerebral palsy, I realized that I wanted to help other families who, quite unexpectedly, found themselves in such a situation, just like we once did. Working with adults and older people made me even more confident in the effectiveness of the ABM method. Those who came to my sessions had increased mobility in their bodies, pain and spasms went away, and their sleep improved. I want to share with your my treasure. Come, feel and enjoy Neuromovement en France. ​ Qualifications/Certifications/Professional courses ABM Certified NeuroMovement Practitioner - 2017 ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner for Children - 2018 ABM NeuroMovement for Vitality and AntiAging Practitioner - 2018 ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner for High Performers (e.g. musicians, athletes etc) - 2019

How I can help you

Children are super learners

Vitality and anti-aging

Rehabilitation and recovery

Scientists support NeuroMovement 

“Scientists have defined the ‘rules’ governing brain plasticity. Anat Baniel, working in parallel along a completely different path, has defined almost exactly the same rules and interprets them in practical and understandable human terms as the Nine Essentials that should contribute richly to clinical intervention.”

Dr. Michael Merzenich

Professor Emeritus, UCSF
Kavli Laureate in Neuroscience

“The approach here, far wiser, far more subtle, truly holistic, far more ingenious, far more in accord with how brain development occurs, shows ways to access the child’s own brain plasticity and yields far greater results, so that the children can spontaneously grow from within.”

Norman Doidge, MD

“Anat applies the exact same principles when helping people overcome limitation that I used to recover my brain and body from stroke. She understands that for any meaningful change to happen in the way we think, move, and use our body, the change has to happen in the brain.”

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD, Neuroanatomist

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